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Bare Skin Skincare is an ever growing, ever evolving line from your Esthetician, Dru Pattan.  Determined to provide clients with a product that not only yields results but cares for the overall health of your skin Dru spends her free time researching and working together with brilliant minds in the skincare industry to put together a line that meets and exceeds both needs and expectations.  


Botanical skincare that incorporates ground breaking science with powerful and effective ingredients.  A line proven to defend against these harsh, Colorado elements while still addressing and targeting specific concerns such as acne, rosacea and aging all while nurturing the skin.  Click the button below to view case studies, read testimonials and view an extensive list on common ingredients that could be causing issues in your skin. 

Interested in Roccoco Botanicals?

Request a free consultation and customized skincare analysis with Skin & Bare It and let a licensed professional offer you invaluable education and recommendations to ensure you get the most out of your skin care regimen.  After filling out the consultation intake you will receive a detailed response and an account will be set up for you with Roccoco Botanicals allowing you to shop and purchase products.