Customized Basic Services and Treatment Options

These basic facials are anything but basic, they are the foundation for any targeted treatment providing your skin with a full transformation.    

As a working partnership between esthetician and client, all facials will be decided upon based off of your specific skin and skincare goals.  While regular facials are necessary to help you meet and achieve your goals, home care undoubtably plays an extremely important role as well.  Each treatment will allow for extra time to accommodate a complimentary consultation where any questions you may have can be answered and your home care regimen addressed.   


Premium Facials


Custom Signature Facial

$65        60 min

A personalized approach is taken after an initial consultation and thorough evaluation of your skin.  Different methods are customized to deeply cleanse and exfoliate the skin, if necessary extractions are preformed after which a mask high in antioxidants and targeted ingredients is selected for your skin type.  This facial addresses all skin types and concerns and adjusts to accommodate your specific needs.  While this facial is appropriate for all skin types, if you are currently struggling with acne we may need longer than 60 minutes to address the issue and you will benefit more from the Custom + Facial.  For long term acne results take a look at our Acne Clinic located in the packages section.  

Custom + Signature Facial

$85             90 min

Everything that makes up custom facial with the added benefit of time.  During this extended version the cleanse and exfoliation are deeper, the treatments more targeted and additional modalities such as galvanic, high frequency, ultrasonic and microcurrent are selected and utilized for a deeper penetration of product as well as a more targeted service to help maximize your results.  

All Clear Acne Facial

$85             90 min

A calming high linoleic acid oil cleanser starts this facial off and loosens stubborn clogged pores. Enzymes exfoliate the skin while soothing inflammation and acne specific herbs are infused with galvanic current effectively melting blackheads and shrinking closed comedones. A high frequency ultrasonic skin scrubber turns water into vapor and pressure washes the pores to further remove blockage. This facial is a must have for anyone struggling with acne.

Express Refresh Facial

$50         45 min

Need a quick refresher before a last minute event or need help soothing your skin after a mishap with new beauty products gone wrong?  If you can't quite wait until your regularly scheduled full facial and just need a little extra pampering session, this speedy facial will have you in and out, feeling assured that your skin is happy and on the up and up.  This facial is customized to your skin needs and will include a deep cleanse, exfoliation, light extractions, a mask and hydrating protection.  

Back Treatment

$75       60 min

This treatment is designed to get to that one hard to reach area most people forget about..  Whether you are suffering from active acne or just want to ensure healthy skin all around, this targeted treatment will have your back clear and refreshed in no time.  This is a particularly great treatment if you have just suffered from a sunburn to help quickly address some of the damage done to the skin.  

Signature Dermal Lift Facial

$100        90 min

An intense facial designed to lift and tighten the skin as well as even skin tone.  Enzymes exfoliate the skin and prepare it to be deeply treated.  Electrical currents assist in deeper penetration of concentrated serums and vital nutrients.  This treatment offers an array of benefits to the skin:

  • Hydrates

  • Increases collagen production and elasticity

  • Lightens pigmentation, evens skin tone and addresses existing damage

  • Plumps and firms the skin

  • Softens skin

  • Refines Pores

  • Replenishes vital lipids back into the skin