Remote Skincare Consultations

The world of skincare and cosmetics can be a difficult one to navigate.  Do you know what is in your skincare?  Do you know if its effective?  Do you struggle with acne but switch products regularly and try different diets to get your skin on track only to be left with dark spots and dry skin?  Sign up below to get a licensed esthetician on your side as your personal skincare coach.  

Facials are fantastic but the majority of your results can and will be achieved from the comfort of your own bathroom.  Through dedication and knowledge you will be able to achieve your skincare goals while developing a better understanding of the cosmetics industry and how to utilize products to best serve your skin.  

Like all things worth fighting for, good skin requires dedication and commitment.  It is up to you to be compliant and dedicated with the suggestions made.  The consultations are free and even remotely we are able to address issues such as acne, rosacea, melasma, hyperpigmentation/uneven skin tone and hormonal issues.  Dry skin and aging are also issues that can be addressed remotely.   

Remote consultations are easy!

Step 1. Decide whether you are looking for basic skincare advice or if you’d like more specific product recommendations. If you are unsure, go for a basic consult- we can discuss products later if you choose.

Step 2. After filling out the form you will be invited to my skincare platform Practice Better. Please accept the invite and use the chat function to upload current images of your skin as soon as possible.

Step 3. Your consultation will be uploaded shortly after I have received your images! From there you can chat with me at any time, discuss your skin, have access to up to date info on your skin, product recommendations and protocols all customized for you!

Let’s Start The Process!