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Acne Clinic Packages

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If you are struggling with blemish prone skin or full on acne, don't waste any more time or money trying to navigate the misleading cosmetics industry alone.  With this program you will see true changes in your skin as well as be given the tools and guidance to maintain it.

How the Acne Clinic Works

---- Initial Consultation----

  • Review of Acne Clinic Guidelines for Success and contract
  • Book your follow up appointments based upon skin analysis.  
  • Medical and acne history are reviewed.
  • Diet, lifestyle and home care is discussed in depth. 
  • Skin is analyzed and documented to determine the proper treatment level and to track progress.


---- Your Home Care Regimen ----

After your initial facial and skin analysis, a complete home care regimen will be customized and detailed in a form which will be emailed to you within 24 hours.  This will include a twice daily regimen:

  • Cleanser, Toner, a targeted Acne Serum, Moisturizer and SPF
  • Average initial cost of products is about $200 
    • These are concentrated professional grade products containing actives that will directly contribute to your success.  The amount of product used is a fraction of what you are use to be using and product usage will be discussed during your treatment.  
    • If used correctly these products will last you several months and some products even longer.  
    • As progress is made you will need to rotate in another product around the 2-3 month mark and at the 6 month mark, once you have run out of certain products, your regimen will be reevaluated and new products selected for your new skin.  

---- Your Commitment is Important ----

Anything worth doing requires commitment so for this program to work and for you to see results, your cooperation is required.  You must be ready and willing to follow advice, utilize the educational tools supplied to you and willing to make lifestyle adjustments. You will not experience adequate results if you continue to use make up or products that are not acne safe. 

You didn’t get acne overnight, and it won’t clear overnight and as passionate as we are about treating your skin, we cannot do it for you.  Your Acne Coach is here to direct and support you 24/7 but the leg work is up to you!  Through the Acne Clinic you will have the right tools and CAN achieve clear skin!  Let us help you help yourself!

---- Acne Treatments ----

Each treatment will consist of an enzyme peel and sulfur mask that assists in cell turnover and rejuvenation, calms inflammation and minimizes scarring.  It also helps minimize post inflammatory hyperpigmentation which leaves dark marks on the skin after acne resulting in uneven skin tone which can be difficult to even out.  Extractions will be done as needed and galvanic or ultrasonic may be used to help dissolve and minimize current acne. High frequency is utilized at the end of the treatment to assist in killing bacteria on the skin.

Your treatments will be scheduled 2-3 weeks apart and it can take up to 6-8 months for clear skin based on severity.  Here is what you can expect to see:

  • Acne lesions underneath the skin take 30 days to form.  Both the initial treatment and using the required products speed up this process so while you may have a day or 2 where you notice a small breakout, this will clear up and heal quickly.
  • Within 30-60 days you will see a decreased level of overall inflammation in the skin with cystic acne diminished.
  • Within 60-90 days your skin will be more balanced and normalized, acne lesions will be noticeably diminished.

---- Pricing ----

4 sessions $280 / 6 sessions $390

  • Treatments will be scheduled 2-3 weeks apart for the first 4 sessions then as necessary once improvements are made. 
  • Your first session will include an extended consultation before your 90 minute treatment.
  • Each subsequent session includes a shorter consultation before your 75-90 minute treatments.
  • These prices also include daily access to your Acne Coach and prompt responses to any questions or concerns.
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