Velvet 3D Brow Glide

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Screen Shot 2019-05-19 at 4.56.25 PM.png

Velvet 3D Brow Glide

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Keep those brows smudge proof – from the second you grab your morning coffee to the moment you clock out. Achieve bold and multi-dimensional brows with this revolutionary 4-in-1 formula that combines liquid pomade, thickening gel, styling wax, and conditioner in one highly pigmented formula.

Used to define, thicken, groom, and condition your brows, this waterproof formula is semi-permanent and designed to stay on until you decide to take it off, even if it's days later. The applicator has both a sponge tip applicator for precision and definition, as well as a brush for taming those stray hairs.

Zero Flaking | Zero Fading | Zero Smudging

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After brushing your brows, simply swipe them with the tip of the applicator to fill in sparse areas. Use brush side to tame unruly hairs and define brow shape. This waterproof formula sets with a flexible hold to keep your brows in line all day long.

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